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List of things to do before you are financially independent

Today, I am listing down rules for becoming financially independent. The views are more in the Indian context.

  1. Know where you want to go and where you are.

Try to plan how much money you need for your future needs. There are online calculators available that can help you in calculating the required amount.

Post that start with quarterly reviewing the amount of your portfolio. Include liquid funds, borrowings, investments and leave the house that you live in.

2. Protect the money that you have earned till know by adding nominees in all your accounts

Bank accounts, Brokerage accounts, PPF accounts

3. Follow Income allocation rule : 50 : 30 : 20

50 percent of income should be used for savings

30 percent of income should be used to meet your needs

20 percent of income should be used for wants.

Use the formula : Income — Savings=Expenditure

4. Build an emergency corpus for unseen expenses like medical needs. Should be approximately 6–12 months of your expenses.

5. Be cautious while doing major investments like house, lifestyle products that depreciate like cars, expensive mobile phones etc. Do not purchase items that require huge investments without having enough corpus.

6. Purchase proper insurance for Health, Life, Accidents, Critical Illness, House, Car

Add riders to your insurance wherever possible. Don’t under-insure.

7. Achieve good portfolio diversification

Don’t invest entire money in a single stock.



Liquid Funds

Also, do not over diversify.

8. Measure and understand your risk taking appetite. Invest as per you risk taking capacity

Conservative investor-debt

Aggressive investor-equity

Moderate investor- equity and debt

9. Invest in growing your financial knowledge

10. Remember to follow all the 9 points that have been discussed above